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Should you give your Fila Annual Immunization Boosters?

Poison Proofing your Fila
Aggressive Behavior in your Fila

The Fila Brasileiro - what's good about 'em, what's bad about 'em.
Of all breeds, Fila Brasileiros have the most extreme aversion to strangers. They need extensive exposure to friendly people so they learn to recognize the normal behaviors of "good guys."

Dog Fighting - This horrific article is NOT for the Squeamish
Both dog fighter and some "humane" groups stand ready to not only see him destroyed, but to actively participate in his betrayal and death - each in their own way...

New Information on Vaccines
Is it really necessary to have your dog immunized every year?

Differing Fila Types

How to tell the difference between a pure fila and one decending from crossbreds
The unscrupulous creators who have introduced the crossing of races with the Fila Brasileiro have made use on a large scale of the Neapolitan mastiff and the Old English Mastiff...

There's quite a lot of evidence to indicate that old stories about the Fila Brasileiro are increasing confusion in Europe and the USA. What was forgotten about long ago in Brasil is now being dug up and told to unsuspecting Europeans and Americans, namely the wrong story of the oh-so-young Fila breed...

Black in the Fila Brasileiro
"the dog must be selected by its corpulency ... must have an uniform color, preferable of black color, to be used as a dog to protect the property, ... this dog, if the thief comes during the day light it has the appearance more frightening, if it's black .....

Do's and Don't's
Always:  Have your Fila approach a guest or friend rather than having them approach your Fila.  Basically, let your Fila pet the human first.
Never:  Assume someone heard you.  Even in a ring situation, never assume a judge won’t approach your Fila in a fast or assertive way.  Never assume someone heard you say “Wait!” or “Just a minute!”..

Puppy Mill Atrocities
What is happening today is appalling and shocking. One of the saddest aspects is that a very large amount of people are totally unaware of what a Puppy Mill even is...

Feeding the Fila

Myths About Feeding and Nutrition
One of the most widespread myths the manufacturers of some (mostly poorer quality) products perpetuate. They claim that table scraps will upset the balance of the commercial dog food, but just like like humans, dogs do not require a diet that provides uniform meals every single day of their life...

Feeding the Giant Breed Puppies by Linda Arndt
This "even growth" provides the muscle development to support the bone mass of the animal making them more sound and agile...

Feeding Raw - by Lisa Ford of Frog holler Filas
Kibble was designed by veterinarians and pet care professionals and is balanced and nutritious for our dogs, right? Hey, I was with you not too long ago! I was fighting these raw food weirdos tooth and nail...

Food Not Fit For a Pet by Dr Wendell O. Belfield, D.V.M.
The most frequently asked question in my practice is, "Which commercial pet food do you recommend?" My standard answer is "None." I am certain that pet-owners notice changes in their animals after using different batches of the same brand of pet food. Their pets may have diarrhoea, increased flatulence, a dull hair coat, intermittent vomiting or prolonged scratching...

Learn How Easy it is to Feed Raw by Jane Anderson
Top breeders, caring owners, and well educated vets are getting back to basics. There is undeniable proof that commercial dog diets have caused immense damage to dogs around the world...

More on the Black Fila

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