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There are too many filas winding up in rescue...perhaps you'd rather give the puppy stages a miss and adopt an adult. There are lots of positives in getting an older dog - for one thing, what you see is what you get. They're usually old enough to OFA too, so there are no unwelcome surprises. Not all rescued fila have been abused. Sometimes people change jobs and have to move and can no longer keep a guardian breed. Marriages fail, people pass away, the family don't want the responsibility of a fila. Good dogs often end up in a rescue situation...don't write them off.

Several private individuals rescue and foster as well. A good breeder will always take back dogs they have produced, and these are often available to responsible homes.

If you need to find a home for your fila, you may post a profile for your dog here. Fill in the Home Needed form, and we'll create a page for your dog. You can look at an example Fila Adoption Profile.

Filas Looking for Homes:

Goliath Male Fila for Adoption - posted 2/28/09
Dahlia Female Fila for Adoption - posted 3/6/09
Lucy Female Fila for Adoption - posted 3/20/09
Thor Male Fila for Adoption - posted 4/17/09
Caymus Male Fila for Adoption - posted 4/23/09


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Ruff Rescue

An example of a worthless breeder. On June 6, 2007 a puppy miller in Centerville, NC calling themselves Top Hat Filas (Chihuahuas) surrendered 19 puppies to the local animal shelter, poor little things...but thanks to the Franklin County Humane Society and the cooperation of animal control they were pulled and treated for their health issues. Thanks to Linda Maggio of Carioca Kennels, they were successfully rehomed. You can read about the health issues faced by two of the luckier pups, at

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