Fila Brasileiro Temperament

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Fila Brasileiro Temperament

Oh my, what a can of worms. What can be construed as correct temperament for a Fila? Is there an attempt among American breeders to tone down the temperament of this breed? Was the original working fazenda Fila a lot more tolerant of strangers? Or is a broad range of temperament from mild to sharp a more reasonable hypothesis?

A Fila Defense Story
MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL in my point of view is: They have temperament, did not need an agitator to show their "Ojeriza" and they do love and protect us from any intruder at any time, even when we do not know what is going on. The next morning we received a visit from the police again and they asked if they could have a couple of puppies from these dogs...

On the contrary to other puppies, a Fila Puppy is not inclined to relaxed playing with anyone. He attaches himself quickly to those with whom he lives but is, however, from his earliest youth suspicious of persons he does not know. Suspicion may make him irritated and annoyed and to some extent even make him growl with a certain amount of aggression, but yet without sufficient self-confidence to attack...continue

Pictures of a CAFIB Tempermant Test

Above: A video of a fila temperament test. The dog in the video is Hill Country Just a Flirt, aka lily. This bitch has several titles and championships under her belt; apart from having correct fila temperament proving she is not just another pretty face!

An Article on Fila Temperament by Poco da Onca
Filas are different from any other breed of dog. They are instinctively and with great ferocity protective of their family and property, yet very sweet and loving with their family. Their love of life, personality and affection are a joy to experience.

Fila Temperament by Dr. Paulos Santos Cruz
Like any animal, the dog has a period of child hood, youth, maturity and old age, which all dogs pass through...

Temperament by Lisa Ford of Frog Holler Filas


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