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Fila Brasileiro Female Needs a Home

Fila Name: Lucy
Location: Burleson, TX
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Not yet
Age: 5 years
Health Issues: None
Worming/Shots: Shots up to date
Training: Basic
Bloodlines/Breeder: -
About this Fila: Lucy is my husbands dog that he's had since she was 4 weeks old. She is black with very small white parts on her chest and feet. She has never attacked anything (human or animal) and she thinks she's a lap dog! :) We love her very much, but we are having to move and we cant take her to our new house.
Contact Name: Rebekah Hardee-Ezell
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: -
Website: None

Pictures/Videos:  None yet