Fila Brasileiro Male for Adoption

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Fila Brasileiro Male Needs a Home Urgently

Fila Name: Caymus
Location: Naples, FL
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Neutered
Age: About 2-3 years
Health Issues: None
Worming/Shots: Heartworm negative, Shots up to date through DAS, Naples.
Training: Housebroken, sit , lay, Paw, fetch
Bloodlines/Breeder: Unknown
About this Fila: I found this dog abandoned in the woods near my home. We named him "Caymus". After 3 weeks of feeding him, Naples Domestic Animal Services came and picked him up. I maintain constant communication w/ the people at D.A.S. and on 4/21/09, they informed me that this dog was not going to remain in there kennel for much longer. My best intention was to keep this dog from being put down and make him part of my family. I had to adopted Caymus however my homeowners association only allows for 2 dogs per household, which I already have. I own 2 pugs. A third dog would cause legal problems for me and I can't afford to go down that road. I have contact many organizations and even have offered to make a generous donation to any "no kill" facility that can take Caymus and let him live out his life. Can you please help us.
Contact Name: Pete
Contact Email: -
Contact Phone: 239-272-8222
Website: None

Pictures/Videos:  None yet