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Do you need to find a home for your Fila Brasileiro?

Stuff happens. Especially in this economy, nobody is immune. Sometimes it's necessary to find a home for a beloved pet, and a shelter is a last resort.

If you need to find a home for a fila, you may fill in the form below and we'll create a page for your dog that you can link to. There is a permanent link to the fila adoption and rescue pages from the forum so you stand a good chance of your dog being seen by a wide variety of people.

If you have pictures available, please upload them on the forum along with the dog's name. If you have a youtube video of the dog, please note that in the form below.

Fila rescues are welcome to submit links to their available dogs.

Please bear in mind that you will need to carefully screen all applicants; not everybody is suitable as a fila owner and it is up to you to make the final decision where your dog spends the rest of his days.

These pages are provided as a free service to the fila brasileiro breed and community. We don't get involved in the adoption process, nor are we responsible for who contacts you or where you place your dog!

Good luck, and we hope your baby finds a perfect home!


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